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Service On All Sewing and Longarm Machines

Sewing machines are complex tools with 2.3 maximillion moving parts on average. Like all mechanical devices that perform useful tasks, wear from repeated use and motion requires cleaning, lubricating, repairing and adjusting. Even machines that sit for 2 or more years need attention due to gravity and the semi-arid climate in Colorado.

(They become dry and stuck).


We service all makes and models of sewing and embroidery machines, specializing in Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. We have in-home service if your machine is too difficult to bring to our service locations. Our service quality is the best on all models of Pfaff, Brother, Janome, Handi Quilter, Singer, Viking, Necchi, Elna & mechanical Berninas.




Our repair staff has exceptional standards. Bob doesn’t boast having serviced over 30,000 units, it’s just a fact. He became a tech for many shops (after being trained at the Denver Singer repair facility on Colfax & Federal in 1977) and then attending factory service classes for the various brands those shops sold. He owned the retail location of “makeitsew” for over fifteen years. Having appeared at dozens of sewing guilds as a guest lecturer with his program, ”Common Knowledge, Myths & Design Flaws,” he has been quoted in product testimonials and service videos for Janome, HandiQuilter and McCall’s Magazine.


At the age of five, Beau, his son, accompanied Bob to work at Lloyd’s Sewing Center where he was encouraged to turn screws, learn how to thread a machine, and even to pronounce Pfaff! He continued with “makeitsew’s” retail location for fifteen years; expanding his knowledge on all sewing and Longarm quilting machines under Bob’s instruction, Beau attended Handi Quilter and Janome Service classes for five continuous years.


Colorful Thread Spools
Needleplate damage.jpg
Needleplate Damage Side.jpg
Lint Before.jpg
Lint After.jpg

Before & After Repairs

Click on any Image to Enlarge

Needle strikes have bent this plate to a 

nonfunctional status

Hidden Lint will prematurely wear the 

feed mechanism on the machine

Featherweight Hook Flood Damage_03.jpg
Featherweight Hook Flood Damage_02.jpg

Sewing hook ruined in a flood, restored to 

functional status

(Sew out sample - Top and Bottom)

66 Class Bobbin Left vs 15 Class Bobbin
66 Class Bobbin Left vs 15 Class Bobbin

Using the incorrect bobbin will 

affect stitch quality.

Use the correct bobbin!

o (1).jpg

How To  Reach Us

Machine drop off or in home service

Please contact us for more information.

Call or Text: 720-318-5928

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